‘Berberecho de Noia’

The collective mark ‘BERBERECHO DE NOIA · PESCA ARTESANAL · RÍAS GALLEGAS.’ is a trademark that distinguishes cockles (Cerastoderma edule) that have been harvested from the authorized and licensed areas included in the Resource Exploitation Plan for authorized on-foot and on-board shellfish gathering activities by professional on-foot and on-board shellfishers included in the current Resource Exploitation Plan managed by the Noia Fishers Association and that have been commercialized through any of the first-sale markets managed by said Fishers Association.


Brand-associated guarantees

All cockles under the collective mark ‘Berberecho de Noia · Pesca Artesanal · Rías Gallegas’ are guaranteed to comply with the following characteristics:

  • Guarantee of origin: the product has been harvested in the Ria of Noia.
  • Fishing technique: the product has been harvested using artisanal and sustainable fishing gear.
  • Quality and authenticity: the product has been harvested at the best time for consumption.

Regulations of the collective mark

You can download the regulations for our collective mark from this link.

Corporate identity manual

You can download the corporate identity manual from this link.

You can download the logos to use or edit them from this link.

Associated brands

You can view the brands associated with the ‘Berberecho de Noia’ collective mark by visiting this link.